Pool and Hot Tub Electrical in Las Vegas

Pool and Hot Tub Electrical in Las Vegas: How Does It Work?
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Ever wonder how electricity works for your favorite places to relax in? Electricity is used to heat pools and hot tubs, run motors, and operate controls such as filters, pumps, lights and vents. By having a better understanding of pool and hot tub electricity and the way they work on your property, you’ll be prepared to safely use your appliances and save costs on pools and hot tubs in the long run.

Electric- Vernacular in Las Vegas

One way to stay on top of your pool and hot tub by staying informed is to know some key words in the electricity jargon.

1) Electric Circuit: Circuit is the pathway that the electricity flows through.

2) Electric Current: A current is the rate/speed of the electrical flow between point A and point B.

3) Electric Conductor: A conductor is the object that contains the electrical current. This can be a wire or some metal substance that can easily conduct electricity.

4) Electric Amps: Amps refer to the electricity’s current strength and volume when it goes through the conductor.

5) Electric Cycle: A single complete cycle is when the current makes a full turn from negative to positive and back to negative again.

6) Electric Gauge: A gauge refers to the size of the wire that carries the electrical current.

7) Watt: A watt is the power’s measurement when it is consumed by a particular appliance. So a single watt is the same as a single volume of an amp when delivered at a volt’s single pressure. Basically, if you multiply amps and volts, you get the number of watts.

8) Line: A line is just another term for the wire that is conducting the electrical current.

9) Load: A load is another term for the appliance that is using electricity.

Now that your electricity jargon is down pat, you can move onto the main parts that keep your pool and hot tub running!


Equipment and Activity for Pool and Spa Electricians

Safety: Please be advised that when taking on these tasks, you take safety precautions first. Have an electrician or pool technician on site. Discuss what the goal of each major task is before following through. The first thing you want to make sure of is that you’re attentive to safety for yourself and for others around you. First off, for safety reasons, be sure not to conduct a test on a live circuit. Make sure the main power source is shut off for test mode.

Pumps: The major component of your pool and hot tub is the pump. It makes sure that water continues to remain in circulation. The pump also pulls water from the hot tub or pool and sends it through the filter. The filter keeps things like leaves, hair and other objects that might clog pipes from getting through. The water in circulation also prevents mildew and algae from forming as it might in still water. Cleanliness and purity in a pool can be credited to a pump that is in good working condition. By making sure that the debris and other elements are prevented from entering the main filters first, the pump makes sure your filters don’t get clogged immediately. Pumps do take up some electrical power during its use so be sure to turn the pump on around a schedule. You can have it run once a day for at least six hours in pools. For hot tubs, a minimum run of two hours per day is ideal.

Filter: As mentioned earlier, the filter prevents clogging by removing hair, dirt, debris and other objects that would damage the system of your pool or hot tub. There are three main filters you want to be aware of so you understand what kind is ideal for your pool or hot tub. The DE filter, otherwise known as Diatomaceous Earth filter, has fine mesh grids that have a protective coating made form diatomaceous earth. The coating allows for easy trapping of any debris or dirt that might be in your water. The thing about dirt is its fineness in grain size. Whereas larger filters might not be able to catch this kind of impurity, a DE filter is able to do so. The DE filter is also made of porous organic substances. It is generally considered to be an environmentally conscious product. Another filter type is the sand filter, which is made from sand and gravel mixture. When water is pumped through this filter, the small particles that aren’t visible to the naked eye get caught in these traps. One way to enhance this technique is to get a coated filter. Be sure to change sand filters once every couple of years.

Electrical Motors: The motor is the main power source that keeps the electrical currents moving through the operational system. For safety purposes, make sure you have an electrician or mechanic on-site when checking the motors for any reason whatsoever. Some major problems that motors are commonly associated with that you can stay aware of are noises, motor failure, or power failure. Never try to repair a motor on your own. Make sure you have professional experts on site to assist you with troubleshooting.

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with some of the major electrical components associated with your pool and hot tub, you should be prepared to enjoy them with a better understanding.

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