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Information on Electricians

An electrician is someone with expertise in the wiring of buildings and various types of equipment. In Las Vegas, there are two main types of electricians. Linemen work on high voltage systems, usually for electric companies. Wiremen work on lower voltage systems, typically inside buildings. Within the designation of a wireman are five different specialties, which are as follows:

– commercial wiring
– residential wiring
– light industrial wiring
– industrial wiring
– low-voltage wiring

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Some other sub-levels of expertise include fire alarm wiring and control wiring. These types of wiring can be installed by wiremen trained in interiors or by those who specialize in the devices being wired.

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There are three levels of training for electricians: apprentice, journeyman and master electrician. Apprentice electricians in Las Vegas are in the process of learning to be an electrician and must take hundreds of classroom hours. They are typically apprenticed for up to six years, during which they are paid a percentage of journeyman pay. Journeymen electricians have completed the apprentice phase and have been recognized by a state body as certified competent in the trade of electrician. A master electrician has typically been in the trade for at least seven years and performed masterfully. They must also pass an exam to demonstrate their mastery of the National Electrical Code.

There are a few specialty areas of electrician, such as service electricians. This type of electrician is well-versed in responding to repair and upgrade calls. They are typically skilled in troubleshooting wiring problems and making repairs. Another type is a construction electrician. This type focuses on larger wiring projects such as doing the entire electrical system of a newly constructed building. For example, in Summerlin, NV, there are many new home wiring projects that we can help with!

The United States does not have a nationwide licensing system and instead, training, regulation and licensing takes place at a state level. The requirements typically vary by state as well. The US still recognizes the three main levels of electrician. Master electricians supervise journeymen, who can work unsupervised as long as they’re following the direction of a master. Apprentice electricians cannot work without direct supervision by a higher level. Journeyman permits are not usually available and those at that level work under a master and the master’s permit.

Apprenticeships are usually done under the general supervision of a master electrician and direct supervision from a journeyman. The apprenticeship may last from three to five years and a salary is typically available during these programs.

Even though there’s a lack of national recognition for electricians in the United States, there is some reciprocity from state to state in regards to licenses issued. Typically a license is only good in the issuing state, but some states have agreements and conditions allowing electricians to ply their trade across borders.

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How to Hire an Electrician

There are so many individuals that claim to be experts at home electrical, plumbing and other related trades. Unfortunately, there are also as many stories about terrible electrical jobs and plumbing that leaks for years, so how do you choose an electrician that is suitable for your work?

Identify the electrical job

Identifying in detail, the job or jobs that you require completing, is essential for you to be able to choose an electrician who is capable at completing the work for you and leaving your property in a clean and safe manner.

Some electricians will claim that they can complete any electrical installation, which is why you can always be open in asking about their experience in dealing with electrical work, similar to the work you are about to offer.

Who to ask about finding a skilled worker?

By asking friends and colleagues about companies that have completed similar work within their property, you will quickly understand whether they worked efficiently, produced an invoice for the correct and expected amount and whether they cleaned up sufficiently before they left.

Las Vegas is home to many untrustworthy electricians. Don’t worry, there are still a few honest, loyal, and top of the line electricians in Nevada.

Should you have a good specification for the work, you can offer bids to a variety of electricians to see their responses.  This should not just be limited to the cost, but with their offer of advice and help to ensure the work is completed to your satisfaction. An experienced electrician may be able to provide you with solutions that you would never have thought of alone.

You can check with trade associations to see which electricians are allowed to carry out the work to narrow down your choice, when comparing qualifications and permit requirements.

Check to make sure the electrician is insured

Physically checking the insurance qualifications of a potential electrician is important, especially if they make a mistake as you will need to know who is going to pay for your home if it should burn down. If someone is injured on-site, what protection is in place to deal with a lawyers claim?

Should you choose to go ahead with an unqualified electrician; will your insurance company meet your claim when something goes wrong?

The final invoice

You can ask electricians about the different ways in which you can pay, especially when a substantial amount is at stake. Do they charge hourly, or for the completion of a job? There are advantages and disadvantages to each alternative.

It is important to understand that every part of the job is included within a quotation from an electrician, so that nasty surprises later, are avoided. This can be achieved by asking every electrician to show whether everything is included and putting the answer in writing on the quotation, even when it is delivered by email or cell phone texting. Check out this article here as well.

Some electricians will purchase your materials, but will they charge you at the discounted rate they receive or the full price? Are you better off sourcing materials yourself? Some individual electricians may struggle to pay for your materials before the job commences and may ask for an advance against the final bill. Does this suit you?

Using word-of-mouth is often the best way to choose an electrician, but the work must be similar for a true comparison. To remove dishonest contractors from your potential electrician’s choice, understand exactly how the business completes work on time, within budget and clears up before they leave your property; but it is the quality of the electrical work that is most important.

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When You Should Hire An Electrician?

Know When to Hire An Electrician

If you’re like most people, you want to handle household repairs on your own. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a good idea. When it comes to your electrical system, things can get dangerous quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing. Whether you have faulty wiring or a circuit issue, you need a professional to handle the job. Below you’ll find a few reasons to hire a professional electrician.

Wiring Issues

When something is wrong with your electrical wiring, a fire can happen at any time. Your wiring isn’t as simple as you may think. It’s a vast interdependent network that requires extensive knowledge to understand and repair properly. When your lights aren’t coming on or turning off due to a wiring issue, you need a professional to take a look at things.

Overloaded Circuits

Did you know that poorly designed circuits can damage your appliance motors and other electronic gear? This is because a poorly designed circuit will deliver the wrong amperage to your electronics. This can cause the breaker to trip and blow a fuse, or shutting down your circuit entirely. When you hire a professional, you can avoid these problems altogether in the future.

Outdoor Lighting

While it may seem relatively easy to install outdoor lighting, it’s much more complicated than you think. An experienced electrician will assess your area, and determine the best course of action. This will always help you avoid damaging any other wiring around your home.

Electrical Installations

So you’re building your dream home, and it’s time to start with the electrical system. Unless you’re a licensed electrician, this is no job for the everyday man. You need a skilled and experienced professional to handle the job. This will ensure that your system is installed correctly and doesn’t malfunction prematurely. Trying to install an entire electrical system in your home could provide disastrous results and an overwhelming amount of damage. Not only would installing this be a threat to your home, but it’s a threat to you as well. Don’t injure yourself when you could easily have a professional handle the work safely.

Unexpected Repairs

While it may seem like a cost-effective choice, repairing your electrical components on your own is never a good idea. You need a licensed electrician to handle the job. The risk of getting shocked or starting a fire is far too great to handle this project yourself. It’s much easier to hire an electrician, and save yourself the trouble.

Ceiling Fans and Outlet Replacements

Sure, it seems like switching an outlet or replacing a ceiling fan wouldn’t be too difficult, but it is. Not only are you at risk for getting shocked by electricity, but a simple shock could cause an array of issues within your system. When you hire a professional electrician to handle this small task, you can avoid these issues altogether. It’s always best to speak with a professional before you even purchase a replacement outlet or ceiling fan to ensure you’re getting the right product. This will help save you time, money, and a host of other things.

Safety Matters

There’s nothing scarier than attempting a DIY project, and burning your home down in the process. Luckily, when you hire an electrician to handle a repair or installation, you don’t have to worry about this. Unlike a plumber or carpenter, electricians have to obtain a state license. If you find a master electrician, you’ll be in even better shape. Unlike other professions, master electricians have to pass a standardized test and have at least two years of experience while knowing the National Electrical Code. As long as your electrician is licensed by the state, you can rest easy knowing that you have a knowledgeable and skilled professional taking care of your home. Your property will be handled with the utmost respect and a montage of safety procedures.

You Should Always Speak With a Professional

No matter what’s going on with your electrical system; you should always contact an electrician to get a second opinion. While you may think it’s just a wiring issue, it could be something far more difficult to repair. Consulting with a professional will help you decide if you need their services.

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How do You Find the Best Electrician?

Finding a professional electrician is essential to ensure that any repairs that need to be done within your home are handled with the utmost care and efficiency. Trying to tinker with these repairs yourself can lead to a shock, fire or electrocution if not approached correctly, as many electronic issues are derived from faulty wiring. In order to keep yourself and your property from harm, it’s important to find the best electrician out there that will complete the work perfectly. The following will provide an in-depth guide to how to find the best electricians.

Ask for Local Recommendations

One of the easiest ways to find a good electrician for your needs is by asking people you know for recommendations of ones they might have dealt with in the past. Seek this information from friends, family and co-workers. Another great source for recommendations of electricians are contractors and builders that have worked with them in past projects. In fact, this is the first place that you should go to. Projects need to have unity between all contracted workers in order to be completed successfully, which is why contractors and builders will know exactly which electricians to avoid and which ones are worth the money.

Review List of Credentials and Electrician’s License

While this won’t provide you with everything you need to know about an electrician, requesting their credentials and a look at their license is the perfect way to at least ensure that they can be classified as a licensed electrician. While a license doesn’t guarantee that an electrician is of high quality, it’s a surefire way to avoid accidentally hiring an amateur electrician who will do more harm than good when attempting to fix or repair whatever they’ve been contracted for. In most states, it’s actually a requirement for anyone that does electrical work to hold a license.

If they are evasive about providing you with a copy of their license, then you can be sure they aren’t qualified. When you first talk to the primary electrician that you’re considering, make sure to tell them about any of the issues you’re having and ask them what they think it could be. While you shouldn’t expect for them to provide you with all of the details surrounding the problem, they should be able to give a general idea of what the problem could be. If not, it’s recommended that you look elsewhere.

Call to Acquire Local References

When you have met with the electrician(s) that are high up on your list of possibilities, ask them for references of the work they’ve completed recently. Once you have acquired at least three references, contact each of them and specifically ask about their level of satisfaction with the work that was recently done. During these conversations, it’s important to obtain three different facets of information. The first is if the work was completed without too many problems. The second is whether or not the work was done efficiently and on time according to the schedule that was given. The last of this criteria is if the price that was estimated before the job was done ended up mirroring the final cost that was provided. All of these are equally important to ensuring that the electrician you’re considering is one that you should eventually hire.

Identify if Any Complaints Have Been Reported Against Electrician

Most electricians and the company that they work for will have reports online that indicate if they are well liked for the services they provide or if a large number of complaints have been lodged against them. The BBB or Better Business Bureau allows you to search for the name in question and ascertain the rating they’ve been given and check any complaints that have been reported against them. Electricians that have no complaints or that have responded to the few complaints on their page in an attempt to resolve them are the only ones that you should consider. You can also take a look at the Prime Buyer’s Report to get a list of all of the reputable electricians in your area. This reputation is based on customer feedback, licensing, insurance coverage and complaint history.

Make Sure the Electrician Has a Lot of Experience!

The last and easily among the most important factors of finding a good electrician is to make sure that they have a lot of experience. In the electrical contracting industry, experience is just as important, if not more so, than actual knowledge. If they’ve had a ton of experience in the past working on situations similar to yours, you can be sure to know that they are an electrician that you can consider. Even if an electrician that is among your top choices excels in the education they’ve received, the feedback from the customers they’ve had so far and their reputation, without a lot of experience, they might not know how to handle a situation that they’ve never had hands-on experience with before now. While this doesn’t mean they wouldn’t handle the situation correctly, you want to be as certain as possible that the money you’re investing on this project will provide you with the best end result possible. Once all of this has been done, simply have a discussion about cost. If it lines up with your expectations, it’s safe to hire them for the electrical job.

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